Baddha Padmasana

baddha padmasana pic

Baddha Padmasana aka ‘caught angle pose’ or ‘bound lotus pose’ is an advanced version of lotus pose and it is one of the Prana Vashya Primary Series finishing postures which releases tension from the lower extremities.

How to get into the position

Starting from Padmasana (a.k.a ‘lotus pose’), keep your feet high on your thighs and close to your groin with your heals facing your own face.  Reach your arm behind your back and grasp the lower foot from behind.  Now bow forward a little and reach your other arm behind your back and grasp the upper foot from behind to complete the bind.  Sit straight and hold this position for five full breaths.

On every inhalation try to straighten your spine.  On every exhalation try to bind further.

Repeat the same process with your alternate legs and hands also.


Baddha Padmasana:

  • improves concentration
  • improves flexibility of the joints of the lower limbs
  • improves the posture of the spine
  • regular practice of this yoga asana is beneficial in Arthritis

Contraindications and Cautions

Avoid this posture if you have issues with your knees or ankle.

Damian is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga.  To book a class with Damian you can contact him by:


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Veerabhadrasana (C)

Veerabhadraana C pic

Veerabhadrasanas namesake is the great warrior Virabhadra; incarnation of Shiva. When you move into ‘warrior pose’ you connect with the warrior within, that is part of you that is strong and confident.

Veerabhadrasana is one of the Prana Vashya Primary Series standing sequence of postures which works the muscles that support the pelvis and prepares you for back-bending.

How to get into the position

From standing at the top of your yoga mat, turn to the right with your feet apart by 3-4 feet and your arms extended; level with your shoulders.  Turn both feet to the right and bend your right knee so that the thigh is at a right angle to the floor.  Then turn your whole body the right and square your hips forward and lie down on the forward thigh stretching your arms forward, parallel to the floor, inhaling.

Exhale and stand up on the forward leg whilst extending your leg behind and your arms in front of you at the same time (so that you synchronize the straightening of the forward leg and the lifting of the back leg; using your limbs as a counter-balance to one another).

With every inhalation, extend your arms to open your chest.  With every exhalation, try to straighten the rear leg bringing it level with the hip.   Hold for five full breaths.

If you are struggling to hold this pose you can take your hands to your hips to assist with balance.



  • Works the hamstrings, ankles and legs and the muscles along the back
  • Dissolves body fat from the waistline

Contraindications and Cautions

Avoid this posture if you have issues with high blood pressure.

Damian is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga.  To book a class with Damian you can contact him by:


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The Single Parent’s Guide to Yoga

Ad pic - slate

If you are a single parent, it can be difficult finding time for yourself. As such you will face some long, mainly sleepless nights; frustrations of trying to arrange childcare, and time spent tending to the inevitable illness.  While balancing all of this along with work and financial stability, your own self-care and fitness might be afforded a low priority.  But if you do not look after yourself then this is bound to have an effect on your ability to look after your child.

As tempting as it might be to postpone your own needs, while single-handedly caring for your child; staying fit and healthy not only ensures you are there to look after your child, it can help you cope with the stress of parenting (and everyday life).  Physical fitness, exercise, and healthy activities such as yoga and meditation have been shown to boost your mood and help you tolerate stressful situations as and when they arise.

Seeing and feeling the results of your efforts through yoga will boost your self-esteem. In addition to helping fight postpartum depression among new mothers, this may also lead to better parenting.  By loving and caring for yourself, you teach your child to love and care for themselves too.

Here is some advice on how to find the time to stay in shape:

 Start Small

 Finding time to exercise can seem daunting when you are a single parent; juggling a full-time job, childcare, and countless other responsibilities; you need to start small.  Even if you only have five minutes to spare, take those five minutes to yourself.  Try some basic yoga postures and/or find a quiet place to sit and meditate for a few minutes.  If you have not tried meditation before then you can start by finding a brief guided meditation video on YouTube.

Exercise While the Kids Sleep

 It can often be the case that the only time you get to yourself is while the kids are asleep. Try to make some ‘me time’ first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night.  In any event, yoga is best practiced first thing in the morning and/or last thing at night.  Yoga re-programs your subconscious mind with good healthy habits and you are closer to yourself (i.e. your subconsciousness) when your first wake up and just before bed.

Whether you are a single parent or not, there will inevitably be unexpected situations that arise that you will need to cope with.  By stabilising the breath when exercising (something which is very much emphasised in Prana Vashya Yoga) this trains the nerves to resist stress formed in the activity.  This skill can be easily transferred into daily life, preparing you to face life in a confident way and helping you keep your cool in stressful situations.

With the above in mind, be sure to prioritise your own self-care.  The better you take care of yourself; the better you will be able to care for your family.

Damian is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga.  To book a class with Damian you can contact him by:


Tel: 0777 900 1896

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