Bhujangasana translates as “cobra pose” (so-called as snakes can easily lift their head). This posture follows Sashtangasana or “position held by 8 limbs of the body”; it is the seventh position in the Prana Vashya sun salutation.

How to get into the position

Starting, then, in Sashtangasana with empty lungs, you inhale and come up on your palms keeping your weight on your thighs and open your chest by rolling back your shoulders, fixing your vision at the tip of your nose.


Bhujangasana is a back bending pose which strengthens the spine and stretches the torso, chest, shoulders, and abdomen. Bhujangasana is also noted in the Gheranda Samhitha as a posture which increases body heat and destroys all diseases.


Do not attempt this position if you have any recent or chronic injury to the wrists (like carpal tunnel syndrome) or back or if you are pregnant.

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