Finding the right yoga mat for you


Many people turn to yoga in the winter months as a relief from the everyday stress that piles up this time of year and there are a bewildering range of option when it comes to buying a new mat.

The feel that your mat gives you matters most. Textured mats and rubber mats are ideal for more active types of yoga — like prana vashya yoga — because of all the bending, sliding, stretching and balancing required. All your perspiration would make it difficult for PVC and foam mats to stay sticky. For lower-intensity yoga — such as ying yoga — comfort may be a higher priority as you’ll be on the floor for longer.

The yoga mat you choose should reflect your experience and dedication. Basically, if you’re new to yoga you should be looking more at basic, entry-level mat.  However, if you are an experienced yogi and/or dedicated then I would urge you to read the following link which is a good review of the more advanced-level mats:

Damian is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga.  To book a class with Damian you can contact him by:


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