Make yoga your routine

There is a general concept which has us believe that we need to eat to be energetic and strong.  How much of it has actually been proven? You may develop stresses, aliments and stains from work or from training.  Why does this happen if food alone had sufficient strength to provide energy for you to work or do other physical activity without strain?

If you work in an office you may complain about weakness in the lumber spine from sitting down for most of the day.  Nurses often complain of lower back pain, mostly as a result from transferring patients.  If your work involves a lot of writing or typing, you may complain about strain in the shoulder(s) or wrist(s) due to the continuous use of the arm(s).  Construction workers can develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to overuse of the hands and frequent use vibrating power tools.  Indeed, if your work involves a lot of physical activity, you may complain about extreme stiffness or rigidity in various muscles.  What helps a person do things without negative side effects?

The only way to avoid aliments or stresses is to change the idea of eating to work and to develop the muscles in your body naturally.  Any kind of work or physical activity can be done without the negative side effects from it once the body learns the way to adapt itself to the work.  Your body better learns when you perform physical activity before you eat in the morning (or, at least 4 hours after eating if, for example, you do the physical work later on in the day or evening).   In this way, a person can explore their full potential in a fasting state.  If you eat before physical activity, then the warmth (and oxygenated blood) go to your stomach and not the muscles that are being worked.  The muscles that are being worked then become more easily fatigued.  This is why yoga should be practised on an empty stomach.

Your body also quickly adapts itself only when your brain recognises the demand on the body is a constant one.  So, if you want to change your body then it is best to work or train more often than not (that is, at least 4 times a week) or else your brain simply concludes no change is necessary as you are in a state of rest, more often than not.

The basic aim of Prana Vashya Yoga practice is to ensure that every muscle group works independently reducing its influence over the stabilising muscles.  This reduces the possibility of alignments or strains in each muscle and supports stamina.  The support of the individual muscle groups, in turn, reduces the negative influence over the stabilising muscles which bear the strain most of the time.  It is very important to train your muscles to behave independently with maximum stamina to avoid such problems.

Damian is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga.  The Prana Vashya Yoga School on Queens Road in Leicester is now open.  Please contact Damian for class time details, etc:


Tel: 0777 900 1896

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