Master Yogacharya Vinay Kumar

Master Yogacharya Vinay Kumar started practicing yoga at the age of 7 and started teaching yoga aged 11 or 12.   By the age of 17 Vinay had developed, and started teaching, his own style of yoga which he has appropriately called Prana Vashya.   Prana can be interpreted as meaning the breath or life force.  Vashya means control.  So Prana Vashya is about developing control over your life.  Therefore the intention behind Vinay’s Prana Vashya series is for the practitioner to develop calmness and stability in the mind, which effects the way we face life.

Vinay’s worldwide reputation as a Master Yogacharya speaks for itself, as does the fact that he has won (no less than 5 times!) the esteemed All India Champion of Champions yoga competition.



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