A cure for occupational stress?

I was a practicing solicitor for about 10 years.  As such, I spent countless hours sat down in front of a computer.  Any profession that involves prolonged periods of sitting down (whether office work or driving or the like) puts occupational negative stress upon the body.  For example, when sitting down whilst working the pelvic bone position is fixed so the hamstrings become shorter, the thighs lengthen but weaken, the pelvic bone tilts forward, the glutes stick out, the  upper back muscles become weak, the shoulders come forward and the whole body becomes hunched over time.  This is all because the pelvic bone cannot freely function whilst seated.

In the Prana Vashya Yoga standing sequence of postures, we work the muscles that support the pelvis and release tension.  Releasing tension from the pelvic bone and supporting muscles gives a practitioner freedom in the posture.  After releasing tension from this area, the muscles within the lower limb aspect can be independently worked, like the inner thighs, quads and hamstrings.  Once the pelvic bone is trained to freely function through regular yoga practice, the body’s natural and proper alignment can be restored and occupation stresses on the body like prolonged periods of sitting down can be mitigated.

Damian is an authorised teacher of Prana Vashya Yoga.  Damian will be opening a Yoga School at 250 Queens Road, Leicester, LE2 3FU in February 2017.  Spaces will be limited so please register your interest by contacting Damian: damiancadmanjones@gmail.com  Tel: 0777 900 1896

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